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Posted by Marc Habegger | 15 JAN, 2018

Frost & Sullivan: Zinc thermal diffusion from Thermission leading in corrosion protection

Outstanding! We are receiving the «European Technology Innovation Award 2017» from Frost & Sullivan for our zinc thermal diffusion! Isaac Premsingh, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, explains why we received this honor and what the global firm sees as being the strengths of our corrosion protection process.

Isaac Premsingh, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan:

When analyzing the thermal diffusion coating market, the technology from Thermission proved to be clearly superior to its competitors thanks to the company’s innovative process. Thermission uses zinc thermal diffusion to create coatings that improve protective performance and reduce the operating costs of the end customer.
The procedure from Thermission differs from other available technologies in three main ways:

  • The process takes place at a temperature below the melting point of zinc, which expands the scope of application of the thermal diffusion.
  • As the risk of hydrogen embrittlement is excluded, the risk of the surface coating flaking off under mechanical strain is eliminated.
  • The process works by the zinc diffusing into the base material, thus improving the strength and ductility.

Environmentally friendly process, excellent system technology

This technology enables manufacturers to attain the desired corrosion protection without sacrificing material strength. As a leading provider of a disruptive technology, Thermission has developed a low-cost, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly process for companies, such as surface coaters, that work with new material combinations. In doing so, the company is setting benchmarks in identifying and overcoming central technological hurdles in corrosion protection for lightweight construction. Therefore, we were delighted to award this coating specialist with the «European Technology Innovation Award 2017».

With around 700 projects, Thermission is already well-known in the European market and with its sophisticated and very flexible system technology, it puts its customers in a position to be able to coat both large and small batches of components themselves. The engineering firm is now entering the US market with a very generously designed system that allows up to five containers and the corresponding cooling units to be outfitted—a bold and innovative move that is highly anticipated by the local market. We wish Thermission and its highly effective zinc thermal diffusion technology the best as it succeeds in the industrial sector.

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